Jeremy Gale was born in 1961. He studied at the Central School of Art in London and later in Florence on an Italian Government Scholarship. He has been a school's Artist in Residence and has taught the Art of Creativity for many years. He lives in London.

Many of his images are contemplative, quiet and receptive. Others, such as his life drawings express his vision of "energy and exhilaration" where "Gale has created flowing and rhythmic interpretations of human form." *

The influence of the East are evident in his moon landscapes of mountains, waterfalls, lakes and mist. His figurescapes are powerful and sensitive and give rise to haunting and enigmatic images of the land.

His animal studies are direct, humorous, vital and vigorous. They affirm the primary processes of dreaming, nurturing, transformation and the longing of the heart for wholeness and unity.

His paintings of sacred fire reflect periods of intense suffering. He sees in the one-sided development of the masculine a time of purification bringing into balance the emerging feminine consciousness with it's direct connection to Oneness. His vision works are "stimulating and augurs well for the future." *

* Quotations taken from a review by Joyce Carroll